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6 reviews for 3-Axis GIMBAL STABILIZER FOR PHONE – Hohem iPhone

  1. cool

     In order to shoot video during travel, I bought an SLR camera and other equipment. Although professional but very heavy, I think the pixel of the mobile phone is enough, but I need some other device to help my smart phone, so I chose this stabilizer. (I have considered it for a long time between Zhiyun and Hohem, because the vast function is more complete and cheaper, my friend’s suggestion, I chose Hohem).Now I really like it! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Elleya

    I bought the item to do a promo video with my phone and from what I saw – WOW…It has all kind of cool features- One thing that I couldn’t figure out was how to connect it with my phone … haha, It is actually pretty easy- Just select the right GIMBAL image on the home page of the app and you should be up and ready.Also, make sure you download the right app -just use the link provided they have lots of devices.One thing to a note-if you are a newbie like – Watch tutorial videos on how to set it up because you might damage it.Very light and easy to use especially for a guy like me who can get confused on new tech.If you are on a budget and you need a gimbal -that is by far the best one I could find for the price.

  3. Asa Medforth

    Takes a bit of getting used to but gives really smooth video quality.

  4. Mrs JCL Edwards

    I watched the video on how to use it and found it really easy to use. I’m a technophobe but found it really was easy to understand and made a massive difference to my filming.

  5. Liam H

    This takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of which mode is for what, it does exactly what you expect. A couple of times it becomes a bit imbalanced and it takes a bit of trying to get the phone balanced but really happy with this! EDIT: upgraded to 5 stars because they contacted me and provided me with a link to a YouTube video showing you how to balance it properly. Very good!

  6. Qilin Chen

    My roommate especially likes to shoot VLOG to record her life. Last month she went out to watch a concert. There were many people and it’s so crowded that the pictures she shot were all shaken. Last week I found such an easy-to-use VLOG device by ins and I sent her a stabilizer and told her the reason for the gift. She was very happy and moved, and I felt very happy!PS: Today she learned how to use some functions of this device. I have to say that this product is amazing! It can shoot a lot of effects, such as time lapse, panorama, slow motion, and the APP and tripod make shooting easier.

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