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Cartman Booster Cable

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Product Description

4 Gauge x 20Ft in Carry Bag (4AWG x 20Ft) UL-Listed: Automotive

When your car or truck needs a boost, the Cartman Extra Heavy-Duty Booster Cables are the safest way to transfer power from a 12/24-volt automobile battery. The easy-to-use, no-tangle cables have T-Prene coating for flexibility and easy storage. They feature special clamps with triple-polarity identification that is color-coded, and UL indent stamped. The clamps also have an ergonomic design that is easy to use on top-post and side-terminal batteries.



Extra Heavy-Duty Booster Cables

  • T-Prene coating keeps cables flexible down to -25C/-13F
  • Cables work with top-post and side-terminal 12/24-volt batteries
  • 4-gauge, heavy-duty, no-tangle cable construction
  • Ergonomically designed with shielded surfaces for safety
  • UL listed; RoHS compliant



Heavy-Duty Cable Construction Resists the Elements

The booster cables are insulated with T-Prene coating, which is designed to remain flexible down to -25C/-13F. The 4-gauge, heavy-duty cables are the strongest consumer grade available, and they resist motor oil, rain, and chemicals for dependable use.

Available in 20 feet, will easily reach from one battery to another, whether you’re working on a car, truck, or SUV.



Test Intentions:

  • Low Temperature Test: To make sure the jacket material meets SAE or UL specifications for flexibility and high voltage leaks.
  • Dielectric Test: To test the resistance voltage of cable/clamp insulations, and ensure safety.
  • Aging (High Temperature) Test: To judge the aging performance of the insulation materials of the cable/clamp or others.
  • Ampacity Test: To judge the booster cable set rating performance.
  • Acid Exposure Test: To judge the acid resistance of the clamp plating.
  • Flame Test: To judge fire retardant properties of the cable insulation or clamp (usually plastic clamp).
  • Resistance Test: To judge the electric performance of the cable. To check the conductivity of the cable. To check the quality of the copper.
  • Pull-out Test: To test the connection (crimping) between the jaw and cable.



TPR material of cable, low temperature resistance (-25C/-13F).​

Sufficient CCA. UL listed and atamped. Ideal for use with full size cars and cargo vans, mid-size pickup truck and freight hauling vehicles.

Twice grip design for better conductivity and tension.Patented design of inside tongue for double connection with battery terminal.


1GA25', 2GA20', 20Ft, 20Ft – UL, 20Ft UL in Case

4 reviews for Cartman Booster Cable

  1. DD

    Cables seem to be good quality. Haven’t used them yet but the clamps were solid and functioning as expected, cable gauge appears to be correct and short of failing a continuity test I see no reason why they shouldn’t work exactly as described. The storage bag, or “luxurious carry bag” if you prefer, is just barely big enough to hold the cables immediately after taking them out of the box whilst still bundled from the factory and even so still takes two people–one to hold the cable clamps in and the other to shimmy it over the large mass of cables. I’d say forget about ever trying to get them back into that bag after you use them once. I bought a 15″ Harbor Freight tool bag on sale for 6.99 and they fit perfectly–tote bag and all–and it should be a lot easier to quickly wind the cables back into once I do use them the first time. (The luxurious carry bag will be getting re-purposed) My unsolicited 2 cents for the good folks at Cartman: If I paid 6.99 for 1 bag I’m guessing you could get a great deal for a 1000 of them….just sayin’. But for the money the cables are worth it even if there wasn’t a carry bag. Oh, almost forgot, they do come with gloves too–the little white knit kind with the rubber grippy dots–nothing fancy, but will work in an pinch. I didn’t need them but threw them in the “luxurious carry bag” anyway. I originally gave it 4 stars due to my gripes about the bag, but for the price decided I had to come back and change it to 5 stars, I mean really 30 bucks for 25-foot 1 gauge cables? Good job on that Cartman.

  2. West Bank Firefighter

    This is a value priced item, and as such you should expect similar performance. The 20ft is a nice reach, and I was able to use them to jumpstart a fire engine hooked up to another pumper apparatus. Would I recommend them for such heavy duty use regularly? No, but they get by in a pinch. Certainly useful for regular automobile use.Simply, barring any product imperfections, anyone who says they “don’t work” probably doesn’t know how to use a set of cables properly.

  3. Lj K

    Impressive weight. Needed the extra length to assist others. Came with a bag, gloves, and a metal brush to clean the terminals. Wasn’t expecting all that. Everything fits nicely into the bag, and is stored in my Jeep. Just in case.

  4. Jesse

    These are copper clad wires, they’re just aluminum strands coated with copper. I don’t like that this isn’t mentioned anywhere but in a few reviews. 4 gauge aluminum cable isn’t as good as copper; copper has 40% more conductivity than aluminum, so these are really comparable to a smaller gauge of actual copper wire. Aluminum also breaks more easily when it’s getting twisted up and thrown around in a trunk year after year. Still though, they’re constructed nicely and the accessories are a nice touch. The upgraded carrying case is actually very nice and the gloves and brush are convenient for an all inclusive buy it put it in the trunk kit.I have removed 1 star for the lack of defining what “heavy duty gauge” means, I wouldn’t consider clad wiring to be “heavy duty”. Caveat emptor, I suppose, there’s a reason 4 gauge 20ft copper booster cables are normally $40 or more.

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