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Electric Razor Head Shaver for Bald Men Grooming Kit 5 in 1 Wet Dry Rotary Shavers

(7 customer reviews)


Product Description

Electric Razor Head Shaver for Bald Men Grooming Kit 5 in 1 Wet Dry Rotary Shavers Nose Hair Beard Trimmer Clippers Facial Cleansing Brush Cordless Waterproof USB Charging Rechargeable: Beauty

Use Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver Grooming Kit, you will gain a complete control in the palm of your hand. Highly versatile and ultimately convenient, this trimmer set will be the only gadget you need for your hair, beard and facial care


When your beard or hair is long, you can use trimmer first, then use the razor. On this way,you can acheive better results.

What’s in the Package:

1x Electric Shaver

1x Hair Trimmer Head

1x Five-Head Shaver Head

1x Facial Massage Brush Head

1x Facial Deep Cleaning Brush Head

1x Nose Trimmer Head

1x USB Cable

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Protective Cover

It comes with three guide combs(3mm/5mm/7mm) for easy and worry-free haircuts.


Model: HT974

Charging time: 60minutes

Duration: 60 minutes

Battery: Lithium-ion 1xLi 4/5AA 14430 500mAh

Voltage:100-240V, 50/60 Hz;



The blade is susceptible to bacteria, so please clean the shaver blade frequently. Do not share the shaver with others to avoid any skin disease.

Please keep electric shaver in dry placeot is a washable shaver, but do not keep in water for a long period of time

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7 reviews for Electric Razor Head Shaver for Bald Men Grooming Kit 5 in 1 Wet Dry Rotary Shavers

  1. Richard Kissick

    I really wanted something that did everything, to keep the clutter down and around my sink. This one has it all. I love how the cutting head, cuts the hair from all angles on the face. Easy to clean, and comfortable in your hand. My wife has attachments similar in other devices for her, love how now I have those for me too. The buffer, brush, hair cutter, and nose hair trimmer are fantastic, and the type that has no pull, just awesome, where I hate discomfort at all.

  2. Delina Kamposh

     This five in one device is a must have for everyone!! Not only is it a shaver, but it comes with some face washing sponges, beard and side burn trimmers, and nose and ear trimmers. There is also a brush that will help you clean the inside of the shaver. The shaver provides you with such a close shave, and it doesn’t hurt at all!! You can use it on wet or dry skin, and if you use it on dry skin you don’t get razor bumps like you would otherwise with a regular razor. The device charges really fast, and lasts a long time. I’ll be getting so much use out of this!

  3. Richard Goh

    I bought my first electric razor, which is awesome and convenient, the shaver moves smoothly without tingling feeling. I use it everyday. I also use the trimmer to trim my hair around my ear area to keep it neat everyday. It is easy to interchange other tools. It is a great buy.

  4. C. LaRosa

     What my husband loves the most about this 5 in 1 electric shaver is:1- Fast and really smooth shave2- is more safer than the regular manual razors, no cuts or bumps, you can slide or glide very easily3-it can be use on dry skin and that is how he uses this electric shaver and it just few minutes he is done shaving4-comes with all this wonderful 5 attachment which makes his “life” according to him easier, his favorites of course the five head shaver head, nose trimmer and hair trimmer which his uses on his sideburns5-the battery life is fantastic, he uses it the whole week with just one chargeExcellent ?‍♀️ to buy yours, is ? great you’ll be happy you did

  5. Molly S Stewart

     Omg love this my hubbie loves can do his whole face in a few mins well made came in fast easy to use

  6. Tim

     This kit has it all. I felt like a day at the spa and I pampered my face with all the little gadget attachments. Putting skin cream on the circular orbiter was so nice. *tip the base is used for both so you remove the head unit to exchange the buffer and cream brush. I still found the need for a razor for the mustache but the head unit was great ok the cheeks. Also found going with the grain works best. This is my favorite new item?

  7. Miguel lua

     Shaver is perfect for at home use or for barbers! I love mine. It leaves a perfect clean look on my face! It’s easy to use and very comfortable! It’s also very durable!

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