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Comezy Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men

(6 customer reviews)


Comezy Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men – Powerful Magic Stickers Adjustable Clavicle Back Brace – Providing Pain Relief From Neck, Back and Shoulder( Universal ): Health & Personal Care

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Small (26 – 40 Inch), Medium (40 – 48 Inch), 26-48 inches, 34-42 inches

6 reviews for Comezy Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men

  1. Hannah

    I am newly postpartum for the second time. My husband recently became concerned with his posture and purchased a posture corrector and I thought that perhaps I needed one too, it might help my posture after my core being blown out by an 11 pound baby! This is comfortable enough to wear when sitting and doing homework or work and is a great reminder. As for active work like bending and reaching or anything under the job description of a mom at home, it’s less practical, but I wear it for part of the day every day and I think the reminder during those hours helps with the rest of the time – I feel like I have better posture in general and I also pull in my transverse abdominals more too while I’m at it, so I think it’s actually helping in my recovery process.

  2. Libbym

    I’ve needed this for years! I have bad posture and have tired mentally to correct it and that didn’t help. So I’m so glad to find something that can help! I will say: Read the companies instructions for wearing the brace they are very helpful!!First, your correcting something on your body…. it’s going to get a little uncomfortable until your muscles build up. So wearing it 5-10 minutes a day to start with has been so helpful. I like wearing mine in the morning when I wake up to help me get started on good posture first thing. Then I wear it again in the afternoon. To help remind me to keep it up.I like wearing it over my clothes since it is easily adjustable. For me, it is simple to make it big enough to get on over my shirt and then tighten to the level I want for that time frame. If it feels uncomfortable I just loosen it, but really if your holding your posture correct it feels fine.I’ve also worn it under my cloth but would recommend a under shirt on first. I am becoming more aware of my posture during the day… it’s been about a week. 🙂 It’s helping. Will update again in a month!

  3. 3Heather3

    After I ordered a posture corrector for myself my husband became interested after seeing how it helped me. He works long hours and walks a lot. He wanted something with more support so I found this one with the waist belt. He is a tall guy and this adjusts well to fit him. It helped with his back pain and made him more aware of his posture.

  4. Steve

    Have only been using this brace for 3 days and already I have slept better, not dealing with the lower back pain that had been bothering me and keeping me from getting good sleep. Would absolutely recommend!

  5. Blehme

    So helpful! I’ve been wearing this every day since I got it. I have a terrible problem of slouching. So much that I have a hump on the back of my neck!! After wearing this so much it’s actually helped. My back doesn’t hurt as much and I’m getting better at sitting up straight on my own. I highly recommend this!

  6. Scott

    Quality craftsmanship! The stitching is tight and nothing about this seems cheap at all. It definitely helps align your posture just as you would hope. Quick release straps so when you’re ready to take it off or need to adjust the tightness you can do so yourself.

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