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Dracarys Lazy 3 in 1 Automatic Sweeper Broom

(7 customer reviews)


Household Cleaning Hand Push Automatic Sweeper Broom – Including Broom & Dustpan & Trash Bin – Cleaner Without Electricity Environmental (Red) –

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Dracarys is a registered trademark, all rights reserved.

An ideal sweeper for any hard floors, two circle corner brushes maximize dirt pick up

along baseboards and in hard to reach areas, while the twisted bristle brush extends

across the wide cleaning path for superior fine-particle pick up

Product Detail

Suitable for wood, plastic, marble, floor tile and cement structure, except the carpet.

One product with 3 usage, broom, dustpan and trash bin 3 in 1.

Cleaning by water is fine.


Material: ABS resin + stainless steel

Color: Green, red, blue, purple

Product size: Length 51.18 inches , chassis thickness 2.36 inches


Packing size:14.96×3.94×9.45 inches

Packing weight: 1.8 lb/set


Blue, Green, Purple, Red

7 reviews for Dracarys Lazy 3 in 1 Automatic Sweeper Broom

  1. Mom.2.crazy.5

    I LOVE THIS THING!!!! My dad recently began in home hospice and I’m helping as much as possible. I know how much a clean housr matters to my step mom so I’ve been taking care of that so she can focus on my daddy. I swept and mopped the hardwood floors in the den area, kitchen, hallway and 2 bathrooms. A basic broom w/dustpan, and a soak and hand wrong mop were not cutting it!!! They have a long haired cat, a short haired dog, and a long haired dog. So I did some research. I know o wanted cordless, quiet, compact, and something that specialized in animal hair. I know, there’s only a few options right!!! Ya! Right!! My head was spinning with options after and entire day of cleaning. Finally I ordered this!! It is amazing! Now keep on mind, it does NOT replace a broom and dustpan. But after pushing the large push broom, sweeping up the pile, then going all of over with this. Poof! No hair!!! Only took me 20min and I spent time with my dad afterwards knowing that I helped!!!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble. That is about the only good thing I can say. It does not pick up any thing. It is useless. It tried a few times in different rooms, for fast pick ups. What a joke. It is now in my garage and I will try to get rid of it at my next garage sale for a $1.00 not I fell it is even worth that.

  3. Karen P.

    This sweeper made more of a mess than before I started! Used it once on hardwood floors- the wheels don’t grab the floor, forcing you to thrust forward with it, then whatever you were trying to sweep up goes flying out. Dumb. Not worth sending back. In the trash it goes!

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is the best cleaning purchase I have made! It makes quick cleanup of my toddlers messes! I use to dread dragging out the broom and dust pan after every meal, but this is a joy and so easy! My toddler loves it too! He can actually help with cleanup with this tool! Get it! I’ve ordered it for my mom and grandpa to make their cleaning easier. No more stooping. Not great on tile or carpet but excellent for wood floors!

  5. Amishvisitor

    My granddaughter asked for something to sweep with other than a plain broom. She and her husband love it!

  6. Amazon Customer

    As a new home owner and a man, I love this sweeper device! Would recommend for anyone on the fence. Got done cutting hair and the regular broom didn’t pick all the hair up. This monster did the trick!

  7. paule

    Sweeper does not pick up fine items on the tiled or wooden floor as describe. I returned it.

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