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Product Description

Fast 40km/h 2.4Ghz 1/16 Radio Remote Control 4×4 Trucks Hobby Toys for Kids and Adults: Toys & Games


RC CarsEnjoy the fun of speed and passion

It’s not just a remote-controlled car, it’s a partner in the development of children.

Reasons for choosing us: we always set out for users’ feelings, professional products and services.

2.4G Remote Control


Climbing AngleClimbing Angle

The Off Road Truck is driven by high speed motors, the body’s electronic equipment system provides strong power up to 40km/h, and the chassis height of 4cm, allowing the vehicle to easily climb a slope of 65°. In face of challenges, the vehicle is uncompromising and has a far higher climbing ability than other vehicles.

2.4G Remote Control

  1. 2.4G remote control system, stable control signal,control distance is about 60-80m.
  2. support multi-player competition, non-interference. Playing with friends is more fun.
  3. Omni-directional remote control, free running, fancy cool play,everyone can become a remote control master.
  4. Acceleration and steering control proportional, the speed and steering can be adjusted to 0-100%, the correct steering and speed can be adjusted according to the driving conditions.
  • Package Contents
  • RC Car x 1
  • Remote Controller x 1
  • USB Charger x 1
  • 7.4V 1000mAh battery x 2
  • Spare Clips Pins x 4
  • User Manual x 1

Body System Structure

Body System Structure

  1. The chassis and bumper of the car are made of nylon.The stable structure is protected from wear,when the car hits unexpectedly, you do not need to worry, just continue and enjoy the excitement.
  2. The strong magnetic carbon brush motor is equipped with heat sink, so that the heat dissipation effect of the motor is better.
  3. Front cool LED lights, even at night can also go forward.
  4. Independent suspension of metal shock absorbers, even the worst road can smooth grip.
  5. Scientific tail fin design can effectively reduce the air resistance and save electricity when the car is running at high speed. It makes cars last longer than other cars.

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Strong off-road Climbing Ability

Independent four-wheel suspension system, and the power motor,buffering the impact force caused by uneven road surface to the body, weakening the vibration caused by this, and ensuring the smooth running of the vehicle body.Let the car conquer every field, without limitation.

Vacuum Rubber Tyre

The tire uses the rubber material, the texture is soft, compression wear-resisting, the concave and convex tire texture increases the friction force, the grip is stronger, causes it to be possible to drive easily in any ground.

Full Time 4 Wheel Drive

The front and rear wheels of the car have power, enhancing the adhesion and handling of the vehicle, with good driving handling and driving tracking, so that the car can drive smoothly on the paved road.

6 reviews for EPHYTECH Off Road RC Car

  1. Yvonne

    Worked one day and the steering got jammed in place without even wrecking once. I contacted the company and it sounds like a common problem. They said to adjust the steering trim. I did it and it started kinda working but it turns a lot sharper one way and I also recommend Husim I have many cars and I’ve never had any problems with the husim cars not much the other way. I have tried two brands that look like the same car just a different brand. The steering screws up on all of them. I strongly recommend don’t get this design from any company

  2. customer

    This is the best gift for kids! I bought this car for my nephew and he loves it! The car looks so cool and powerful!For the good looking, my nephew likes the blue and yellow color and this match makes the car look amazing! For the playing experience, you need to put some pieces together but it is super easy. You just need to follow the guidence. Once he finished the set up, it starts to play! The speed of the car is very fast and it is really flexible. The car can sensitively turns left, turns right and backwards! For the battery, it could last at least 40 minutes. I recommend to play outside since that could make the car show its powerful! The car is in really in good quality , my nephew run the car hit the wall but it is not broken. It is the best gift for kids and teenagers!

  3. Ale’x

    This is a great first RC Car. I’ve been getting a few of these cheaper ones for my daughter and this one’s proving a hit. It handles very well and with the 4wd it goes in the direction you point it and doesn’t get bounced off line like some cheaper ones do. Also the batteries are very good – I timed how long one lasts and it was 20 mins and the car comes with 2 so tha’t’s a big plus as well. It does okay on shorter grass but it’s size will go against it on long grass. On blacktop it handles very well with no tendency to spin the rear out, indeed you can corner on full throttle! Not bad on gravel but more fun on grass or blacktopI put my phone on it to test the speed and it does 26mph, which is plenty enough for most yards or parking lots.Overall this one’s a ‘hit’ It’lll even handle jumps quite well, nothing broken so far, but a great first RC to my mind and that battery life really helps!

  4. Batonmom

    Got my son this car for his birthday. He loves it!! Super fast, easy to use. He did lose the LED wire as it slipped out while driving, but I contacted the company. They quickly replied and are going to send a new one! Would definitely buy again.

  5. Herby the elf

    This is NOT waterproof as the description states. Product was rather fragile.

  6. Zack

     It’s a great gift to teenage boys. I buy this for my little cousin on his birthday . He absolutely love it. The RC car runs very fast. So be careful when you hand it to a 13 years old kid. I initially set the power throttle to the lowest setting. But even though it still drive fast on ground. I would recommend play it only only outside the hose. It might cause scratches on the furnitures if it hit anything in the house. The battery life is great. The two 1000mA batter could last it for 40 mins. On the highest throttle-setting it might last for 30mins. The car body is so durable I even drive it through from 5ft hill. It still runs great.Over all I don’t have too much complaints to it. It worth its value.

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