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Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One

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Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One: Computers & Accessories

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Platform For Display:PC + Xbox One Compatible | Configuration:Wheel/Pedals Only

The definitive sim racing wheel for Xbox One and PC. Driving Force is designed for the latest racing game titles for your Xbox One console, plus select titles on your PC. Add Driving Force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again. With dual motor force feedback, on wheel controls and responsive pedals, G920 makes racing feel like the real deal


Wheel/Pedals Only, Wheel/Pedals with Shifter

Platform For Display

PC + PS4 Compatible, PC + Xbox One Compatible

5 reviews for Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One

  1. Astronomy buff

    Just received this since it dropped in price to $203. Works great in WIN 10 64bit, Project Cars 2. Downloaded the latest Logitech Gaming Software and it set up everything without any hassle. I haven’t plugged the G29 in to my PS4 yet so I’ll update this review as I use the wheel. The stiff brake pedal is no problem for me and I actually prefer it over a looser pedal; to me it feels more like a brake pedal should. I don’t feel that I have to jam my foot that much harder but instead it gives me a much more progressive control over braking. I upgraded from a Logitech Driving Force GT which still works great and has been a great wheel for me; I’ve had it for years, can’t remember how long and it also worked flawlessly in WIN 10, so I’m hoping this wheel will last as long. One tip I would give people concerning warranties; if you used a credit card to purchase many times your CC company will extend your warranty by as much as two years. I use a VISA and they offer this. So if your original warranty runs out your credit card company will probably offer you an extended warranty beyond the manufacturers. Check it out on your CC company’s website. Also, sometimes they will price match in that if you find a price lower within 90 days they will reimburse you the difference. I haven’t used this service but it is stated on my CC company’s website and I have talked with a rep on the phone about it. Do your homework and check out their website to see what they’re providing you as a card holder.Update June 30, 2018. The Wheel still works great. What I’ve found is that it doesn’t like to be plugged in to any other USB other than the one I first installed it on. The Logitech Gaming Software doesn’t like this either so just plug in to the same USB slot every time. Also, in Project Cars 2 I actually had to assign the pedals to an axis before they would be recognized. After assigning them they worked fine and I was able to calibrate. I’ve been using the wheel a lot and feel it’s been an upgrade from my Driving Force GT; which is also a great wheel that I’m going to hold on to. I also still like the brake pedal the way it came and don’t feel I have to remove it. I have had no problems using it and I still prefer it over a less stiff pedal. I still highly recommend this wheel and am having a great time using it. If I have problems I’ll update this review.Update July 10 2018. Wheel works great still. I installed a USB 3.0 card in my computer and the LG29 plugged in to that with no problems. However, when I booted up the computer today the wheel didn’t power on and did not show up in the Log Gaming Profile. I plugged it in to a USB 2.0 port and only the wheel was recognized, not the pedals. I then plugged it in to the original USB 2.0 port when I first installed the wheel and everything came up recognized. I think it likes to be plugged in to exactly the same port it was installed on. Wheel still works great and I’m really enjoying it. I believe this will work fine with USB 3.0, you just might have to unplug it and then plug it back in every time. I’m choosing to keep it plugged in all the time to the original USB 2.0 port.Update July 9, 2018: Wheel works flawlessly on Win 10 and I’m able to plug it in to just about any USB port, both 2.0 and 3.0, and have it recognized. Like any wheel you’ll need to tune it to your liking. I’m very happy with this wheel.

  2. Joshep Marcus

    I placed an order on Sept. 24 and arrived on Sept. 26. First, I’m leaving a product review from an sim enthusiast point of view. This is not my only Logitech wheel, now on to the testament.I’ve owned logitech wheels for many years and still, to this day they are still functional. Not only are they reliable but they can be customisable and fun.This Logitech G29 for PS4 and PC feels alot like the G27 but a bit improved. It feels good and it’s very quiet compared to it’s predecessors. When Force Feedback kicks in it rattles but not as much as the G25 and G27, the gears feel somewhat pleasurable when taking corners.Pedals are way better than the G25 and G27, but not as much as the Thrustmaster t3pa pedals or the Fanatec Clubsports pedals. Clutch feels like a modern clutch, brakes feel alittle like in real life but requires mods to make it feel premium, gas pedal feels perfect. All in all it’s worth the upgrade from the G25 or G27 pedals.Shifter, i cannot testify if it is better then the old ones since i’m using the G27’s shifter. G27 H shifter is compatible with the G29, but the extra buttons won’t work but that’s okay with me. I have not tested the G25 H and sequential shifter on the G29 but i’m sure it’ll work.The Paddle shifters click louder on the G29 and feels alittle heavy, not much improvement here. They are very responsive and sturdy, it will take a hammer to break them.Pros:Better handling wheelExtra buttons on the steering wheel (you don’t have to use a controller)Leather wrapped steering wheelOverall better pedals then its predecessorsIncluded are clutch, brake and gas brushed aluminum pedalsWheel, paddle shifters and pedals feel sturdyDual gear Force Feedback motorsBest wheel for the moneyOverall very reliable product and easy to maintainCons:A little deadzone but not that noticeableSmall wheel rimGear motors (most of the time the Force Feedback feels unrealistic and it clunks)Feels plastiqueJudge for yourself, the pros outweighs the cons, but that’s just my personal opinion. If you’re on a budget and want a very ready to race and reliable wheel, and you are either a Sim enthusiast or game a lot this is the best option out there. If money is not the problem you should consider other hardcore brands, but make sure to get a warranty as premium wheels will break more often than the Logitechs. Overall (i know, i’ve used this word way too much) I’m very happy and satisfied with my purchase and this wheel completed my setup for GT Sport, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and so on. I truly recommend this wheel, it will last you for a very long time, just like my old DF, G25 and G27s.

  3. Steve R

    I love this wheel, I really do, I wanted this to work out more than anything. after a couple days of using it the wheel made this loud squeaking sound when you turned it left. It was actually louder than the game itself with the sound nearly maxed. After seeing so many positives I just assumed I had a bad wheel, I sent it back and received another one.Right out of the box, loud squeaking sounds when you turn left, I googled the issue, and found pages upon pages on reddit, Logitech’s forum, and youtube, talking about this exact issue. Logitech Customer support is absolutely useless. They have never acknowledged the problem, they haven’t answered anyone’s questions in the forum. They refuse to do anything about it. I filled out my support form to them, gave them the model and serial number and everything they needed to know, my only question to them was can this issue be fixed without taking it apart and voiding the warranty.2 days later i got reply that said they need the model number, serial number, when I purchased. Info I just gave them, I sent this 2nd one back, hoping to get one that worked. Amazon was awesome with the returns, and I hate to have done this 3 times, but i really wanted this wheel to work. The 3rd and final wheel came, I got one last email from Logitech that asked the exact same questions as before, and wanted me to scan my receipt for proof of purchase to see if it’s still in warranty.I just wanted to know if there was a fix, that was all, I sent them the receipt from Amazon, and never heard from them since. This 3rd wheel, right out of the box not only had a squeaking sound, but it was making loud clicking noises as if the gears inside were rubbing up against each other, at this price point I don’t want to end up sending a brand new wheel for them to work on and more than likely get a refurbished one back that will more than likely have the same issue.If you can get a wheel without the squeaking and clicking and noises it makes, then you have the best gaming wheel I think you can buy. and maybe the squeaking may not be a bad issue, you just have to live with it. I don’t know, but I don’t want to pay that much to hear that all day.

  4. Rob

    Excellent feedback – especially with FM7 configuration. I’ve increased the resistance to help simulate actual driving a bit more. Only complaint is that I wish that the steering ratio would match each car individually instead of having a global ratio… maybe it does, but it doesn’t seem like it. I like the fact that Dirt Rally has a preset configuration which works nicely… and makes the game 500% more enjoyable (you can actually rally now). As a novice racer in real life, this is pretty good… aside from the brake pedal stiffness (which is unreal to get 100% in FM7 w/default settings).Contrary to another review, you should NOT modify the brake pedal – as this may void the warranty and is unnecessary with newer games (I’m unsure of how far back for games you’d need to physically modify the brake pedal).The correct solution is to modify the outer dead zone for deceleration to about 50-70% — you can test the optimal setting by driving and watching the red bar on the bottom-right hand of your HUD in FM7 — this shows you braking pressure. If you’re braking as hard as you physically want to brake, and the red box is not filling up, then lower your outer deceleration dead zone a bit more. Tada! The same applies to some other games as well.

  5. Roman Pennington

    I heard rumors that Logitech’s driver/setup for PC users was glitchy and the rumors are true. You get this package, there’s no disks or drivers apparently to install, so you think plug-and-play right? Nope. Depending upon your version of Windows, you may find it’s recognized by the OS but not by any of the software you’re running. I got this specifically to use with Project Cars and Truck simulator, but neither software recognizes the steering wheel as being installed. After Googling, it becomes obvious that tons of people have this problem. There may or may not be a bunch of extra steps you need to go through to get the thing working. I have to assume most of the positive reviews are for people using controllers like the xBox. Although I have no evidence this works any better on xBox, but I can attest, that if you have a PC, this controller does not work properly.

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