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Sharpie Permanent Markers,

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Ultra-Fine Point, 80s Glam Colors, 24 Pack : Office Products

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Create bright, flaming visuals with Sharpie Permanent Markers in 80s glam colors! The ultra-fine tip delivers all of the detailed impact you expect from a Sharpie. The set features signature colors like Jellie Pink, Leg Warmer Orange and Valley Girl Violet that help set your creations apart from the crowd. The long-lasting ink is quick-drying, nontoxic, and won’t fade or smear. Use these Sharpie permanent markers to customize backpacks, shoes, laptops and more.

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7 reviews for Sharpie Permanent Markers,

  1. Lora F.

    I got these markers to color in my grown-up coloring books for fun and stress management. I’d already purchased the Bic set of ultra-fine point markers and used them a lot. I loved them, but I’d used up some of the colors and was also interested in getting slightly different shades. These Sharpies have basically the same colors as the Bics – maybe just a couple different shades. That was disappointing. The Sharpies have a bit more of an odor. The Bics have a rubber grip on them, which makes them more comfortable to use. I’m watching to see if these last longer. If they do, I’ll probably buy this set again. If they don’t, I’ll definitely go with the Bic set. They both bleed a little. I wish they had more of the lighter shades – in both sets the darks are really too dark to use for coloring books. It’d be nice if they’d sell a 24 or 36 pack with all medium to light colors (no darks) and more shades for variety.

  2. J. Putnam

    I bought this pack of sharpies so that I could experiment with hand-drawn mugs. So far, these have worked splendidly! (for those who are curious, you can use these beauties to draw on a white mug – bake your design at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, and wa-la! Your design will stay on if you hand-wash)I added an example picture..Anyways, I’ve had no issues so far – was shocked at how inexpensive this pack was – and think they are fabulous!

  3. Mitza McCord

    These are the best markers for use in adult coloring books. All the rich, bold colors and the ultra-fine tip allows me to color the most minute and highly detailed designs. I especially enjoy the style of tips on these pens that allow for the ink to flow exactly where I put it with no bleed and no fraying of the tip causing color to drag outside the lines. So, these pens work beautifully for the mandalas and other intricate designs which are my favorites. The only downside is that the ink bleeds pretty heavily so do not use them in books with designs on both sides of the page. You will also need a scrap page to keep bleed-thru off the following page. The only other very minor issue is that the cap colors are not always indicative of the actual ink color. But once they have been used, you get used to the what the actual colors are. All in all these pens are great and I highly recommend them to adult coloring book enthusiasts.

  4. SLD12DAY

    I purchased the Sharpie Ultra-Fine Markers to use in the fine lines of my adult coloring books. This set offers a nice range of colors and the caps stay on tightly (but not too tight – they’re not difficult to remove), and they do not dry out too fast. The ink absorbs just right on thicker coloring book pages, yet it takes a lot for it to bleed through to the back unless you’re using thinner paper (see last two photos). What’s also nice is that the ink is archival and acid-free, so I do not have to worry if I happen to use them for scrapbooking.Even when coloring larger areas, it is hard to see any streaks. The performance of this set is re”mark”able compared to some of the more expensive sets. Also, they do not have an obtrusive smell like some of the Marks A Lot markers from the past, so if you are fragrance-sensitive, there is no need to worry about an issues when using these markers. The price is lower than any of my local chain craft stores!

  5. Sarah

    I love these markers for adult coloring books. They have good ink flow and nice fine lines. Be warned, they do bleed through, so they are not ideal for coloring books with double sided pages. In addition, the 80’s pack is virtually identical to the normal, non-80’s pack. I bought both assuming there would be more differences between the packs.

  6. Missy K.

    Aside from the fact these came packaged poorly, I love them. Sharpie isn’t really artist grade, but if you really mess with sharpies you can do amazing things with them for fun. Not to mention that sharpies tend to last forever. Who of us doesn’t have a black sharpie from the mid 80s somewhere that doesnt still put out ink? For crafting these guys are super fun. As they are water proof you can put mediums or paint over them. They won’t run or smear. I bought the 80s Glam limited edition because it’s a collectible. I can’t say I feel that the colors remind me of the 80s but they are mid tone bright. Brighter than Staedtler and Stablios. They are alcohol based which means they will bleed through. The learning curve for sharpie saturation might a bit to get the hang of as the ink saturates well and may spread out of the lines with too much pressure or application, but they’re not those dull dark colors that stablio and Staedtler put out. I recommend trying these. You can’t go wrong with Sharpie. Unlike Staedtler and Stablio it will not rip up your nib or paper trying to get that saturation, but you will need to practice a bit with the bleeding. I use Staedtler and stablio too. So I’m not knocking them. Different projects require different products. They’re all great imo, but maybe it’s the office supply nerd in me. No matter how fancy a marker I get there is always room in my home for sharpies.

  7. Ana Bananah

    They work well, sometimes some of them dry up as I’m using them but then the color comes back shortly after. I like them, I’m glad I bought them, I bought them for my aunt as well.Update, I just counted them after having them about four days and I only received 23 out of 24 markers. This really makes me angry. I guess I should have paid attention when I first got it. I ordered some more, but different colors and I will definitely be counting those.

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